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Change is Good

Can you imagine if nothing ever changed in your life? You ate the same food, wore the same outfit, did the exact same activities day in and day out. We need to have change in our lives, it is what makes us grow. To take a quote from Shrek, “change is good Donkey”. We started our relationship as thirteen year old children, very different people from who we are today. It would be unrealistic for either one of us to expect the other to remain like that thirteen year old forever. Every challenge, every loss, every triumph and every heartache has shaped us and made us who we are today. Ten years from now we will again be different from who we are now. Change might seem scary but what would actually be scary is if we stayed the same.

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Spring Has Sprung!

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Spring has sprung! The sun was shining today and the weather was warm, it was the perfect afternoon for a family outing! So we tied up our shoes, hopped in the truck and headed to the park for a stroll along the river. Our daughter was our chauffeur and impromptu tour guide for this adventure; the poor girl has her dad’s sense of direction! After a round about detour we made it to the park and we certainly weren’t the only ones who had the idea of a Sunday stroll in the sunshine. Although we had a million other things that we could have been doing we took the time to enjoy this moment in the sun and each others company. Spring makes us think of new beginnings, in the spring it seems like anything is possible. We are all emerging from our long winter slumber and we are ready to reawaken, refresh, and renew. This year as we are looking forward to all the wonder that spring brings and looking toward summer, we are choosing to slow down and simplify our life to allow ourselves some quiet time and quality time. Soak up that spring sunshine while you can because tomorrow it might be raining!

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