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3 Things We Discovered Camping With Elderly Parents

Recently we went camping with Nicole’s mother and father, both in their eighties or as they like to call it “Club 80”. While spending the week with Nicole’s parents we were constantly surprised by and in awe of them. So, here are 3 things we discovered while camping with elderly parents …

Being elderly doesn’t mean being incapable. Mom and  dad swim, hike and bike every day,  in fact they would put  many 20 year old’s to shame. Every morning Nicole and her mom would do a 45 minute hike after mom and dad had already gone for a bike ride into the village.

3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents          3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents          3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents

Elderly people like to try new things. We brought our kayaks this trip in order to take advantage of the beautiful Okanagan lake. Despite never in her life having been in a kayak, Nicole’s mom was desperate to give it a try. After one time out she was a pro and she couldn’t wait to get out in the water every afternoon.

3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents Elderly people can have more energy than young people. Mom and dad are constantly on the go … up early and filling their days with activity. Dad drove into town, a 40 minute drive one way, every day to water his garden. They swam morning, afternoon and evening. They hiked and they biked. They cooked and they cleaned. All this in the heat of nearly 40 degrees Celsius! Somehow they managed to stay energized and ready for any adventure while the rest of us were completely exhausted!!!!

Nicole’s parents are an inspiration to us. A great example of how to continue living a full life well into your golden years. We hope that we have at least half of the energy and zest for life that they do when we enter “Club 80”

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Later Never Comes


We have been discussing our future lately. Our children are getting older and within a couple of short years we will be “empty nesters”. We have been discussing what our future will look like when it is just the two of us and what types of changes we want to make with our lives. We have been discussing our possible “later” and we heard something today which made us stop in our tracks … “later never comes”. We spend so much time making plans for the “laters” in our lives ……… When our children get older we will ……… When we have more money we will …….. When we retire we will ……… But later may never come. The time to be courageous, to be adventurous, to explore what we are being called to do is now. As the American author Mark Twain said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”   

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