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4 Useful Things to Bring Camping

Camping is a part of our life. We can’t imagine an existence without some form of camping. Over the years we have written and revised our camping list many times. The current list is about two pages long but there are  four useful things to bring camping that we never leave home without.

  1. iPad – Yes an iPad is definitely a source of entertainment when we are camping, we can listen to music, perhaps watch a movie or read a book. However, the best reason for bringing an iPad camping is for the use of the app “Simply Noise”.  Simply Noise is an app that plays white noise and is perfect in muffling the sound of the guy in the next site who has had on too many to drink or the kids who are allowed to ride their bikes till sun rise! We turn on “Simply Noise” when we are ready for bed and always experience a great night’s sleep.
  2. Sun Shelter – Obviously this is great to throw some shade on a hot summer day but it is also very useful on a rainy day. A sun shelter also makes a fantastic rain shelter instead of using a tarp. Bonus … no trees needed, no ropes needed; just put up the shelter and you are done. Pick a shelter that can be easily moved; you can put it over the picnic table during the day and if it is raining at night it can be moved closer to the campfire.
  3. Battery Charger – So, maybe you already bring one of these camping with you but we just recently started taking ours. We find it useful to charge our cell phones and also to charge our iPads (so that we can continue to enjoy our “Simply Noise”). If we are camping without the kids it is very important that we are able to remain connected. It might not be something that we take on a weekend trip but it does come in handy on long excursions.
  4. Box of Latex Gloves – Latex gloves are always in one of our outdoor storage compartments. They came in handy when we had to relocate a bat that had found it’s way into our water bucket! Latex gloves are particularly useful when Dave has to empty the sewer into the sani station (you would be surprised at how many guys do NOT wear gloves when doing this chore!!).

These items might not be the first things that you think of when you prepare a packing list for a camping trip but they do come in handy. Here is a link to 8 more things that you might forget to pack when  heading out camping (Source: 8 Things You Need For Camping That You Might Forget | Ever In Transit)

Pack well and enjoy your time in the great outdoors!

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What Does A Giraffe Have To Do With Our Favorite Camping Spot?

What does a giraffe have to do with our favorite camping spot?
Octagonal Barn

We love to camp at Fintry Provincial Park in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Fintry has a rich history and much of that history is still evident in the site today. The site contains the only octagonal barn still standing in British Columbia. There is an impressive manor house with an amazing den that must be seen to be believed. Within this den you will find several animals including a giraffe. Okay, they aren’t alive but still, a giraffe is a giraffe! Fintry also has the only packing house still standing on the shores of the Okanagan Lake.

what does a giraffe have to do with our favorite camping spot?
Manor House
what does a giraffe have to do with our favorite camping spot?
Not sure what kind of creature this is! The plant is pretty cool too!

Besides the history Fintry is also rich in nature. Many creatures make their home in Fintry. Birds, bugs, marmots, deer and bats all can be found within the Provincial Park. The bats put on an impressive aeronautics show every evening, swerving and diving as they catch their fill of bugs. Fintry also boasts an abundance of interesting plants and flowers due to the mixture of desert, pasture and forest landscape.

what does a giraffe have to do with our favorite camping spot?
The view from the top!

There is no lack of activities to enjoy while staying at Fintry. There is an excellent hike to a waterfall. Approximately 500 stairs will take you to the top of the falls and the view is breathtaking (as is the climb!).  There are many trails within the park that are perfect for either biking or walking and there is a village close by that is an enjoyable and leisurely bike ride away. Swimming and all manner of water activities can be enjoyed as Fintry has a large waterfront area. There is also a boat launch enabling boaters to gain access to all areas of Okanagan Lake if they so choose.

This was our second visit to Fintry and it won’t be our last. If you are ever in the Okanagan it is worth checking out.

Oh yeah, the bathrooms and showers are probably the cleanest of any campground we have stayed at! This is always a very important selling feature of any campground for our family!

What Does A Giraffe Have To Do With Our Favorite Camping Spot?

Let us know if you have seen cleaner bathrooms! What Does A Giraffe Have To Do With Our Favorite Camping Spot?We might have to check them out!!

So, what are some of your favorite places to camp? We need some new places to go!

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3 Things We Discovered Camping With Elderly Parents

Recently we went camping with Nicole’s mother and father, both in their eighties or as they like to call it “Club 80”. While spending the week with Nicole’s parents we were constantly surprised by and in awe of them. So, here are 3 things we discovered while camping with elderly parents …

Being elderly doesn’t mean being incapable. Mom and  dad swim, hike and bike every day,  in fact they would put  many 20 year old’s to shame. Every morning Nicole and her mom would do a 45 minute hike after mom and dad had already gone for a bike ride into the village.

3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents          3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents          3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents

Elderly people like to try new things. We brought our kayaks this trip in order to take advantage of the beautiful Okanagan lake. Despite never in her life having been in a kayak, Nicole’s mom was desperate to give it a try. After one time out she was a pro and she couldn’t wait to get out in the water every afternoon.

3 things we discovered camping with elderly parents Elderly people can have more energy than young people. Mom and dad are constantly on the go … up early and filling their days with activity. Dad drove into town, a 40 minute drive one way, every day to water his garden. They swam morning, afternoon and evening. They hiked and they biked. They cooked and they cleaned. All this in the heat of nearly 40 degrees Celsius! Somehow they managed to stay energized and ready for any adventure while the rest of us were completely exhausted!!!!

Nicole’s parents are an inspiration to us. A great example of how to continue living a full life well into your golden years. We hope that we have at least half of the energy and zest for life that they do when we enter “Club 80”

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Camping Season Has Begun!

Finally the season has arrived for heading out into nature!! We have just experienced our first camping trip of the season and it was wonderful! The weather was warm, the company was great and the food was delicious. Camping is a great time to relax, reconnect (with each other and with nature) and rejuvenate. When we camp we make sure that the work is minimal so that we are able to enjoy the time that we have at the campsite together, this means that the food is simple and the preparation is easy (cooking on an open fire is the best way to accomplish this). We also try to keep an open mind and an open schedule when it comes to camping, basically we try to be extremely flexible. There is no agenda when camping and this way we are always open to new adventures, new experiences and sometimes new friendships. This past weekend we were joined on our camping adventure by some friends that we haven’t camped with before, it was a great time of getting to know each other better and connecting on a deeper level. We enjoyed hanging out with their children, as ours are almost out of the house, and reliving the wonders that childhood brings such as throwing the Frisbee, collecting rocks, playing on the playground and swimming in an ice cold lake! We also enjoyed the recommendation that these friends made to visit the best bakery (Quesnel Bakery) and coffee shop (Granville Island Coffee) in the neighboring town of Quesnel, BC, (the cinnamon twists were awesome and the coffee was perfect!). All in all the first camping trip of the season was a huge success, we can’t wait till the next time that we can pack up the trailer and head down the road!

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