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20 Cheap Things For Couples To Do

Here is our list of 20 cheap things for couples to do.

  1. Make a fire in your backyard. Pull out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and devour some Smores while enjoying the warmth and glow of a cozy fire. Be sure to cuddle up and keep each other warm!
  2. Go out for coffee to your favorite coffee house, even better explore a coffee house that you have never visited before. Pick a place with comfortable chairs, a couch would be great, and settle in for some great coffee and conversation.
  3. Cook dinner together. Pick your favorite meal or browse through cookbooks and pick a meal that you have never created before. Turn up the music and let the good times roll!!
  4. Go bowling!  Pick out some of your favorite songs on the jukebox and challenge each other to a fun and friendly bowling competition.
  5. Go out for dessert. Instead of indulging in an entire meal go out just for dessert. Pick something large so you can share it together!
  6. Go for a drive to and watch the stars. Find a place in your area that is free of light pollution and spend some time under the night sky marveling in God’s creation!
  7. Play your favorite board game or card game. Preferably pick a game that will take a long time to finish, such as Monopoly, and make a night of it. Don’t forget to turn on some music and put out some snacks!
  8. Watch a movie together. Make sure it is just the two of you, kids not invited! Pick out the most romantic movie that you can think of, cuddle up and enjoy!
  9. Go hiking. Explore an area that you haven’t explored before, be adventurers. Make sure to let someone know where you are headed before you leave, safety first!
  10. Make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them. Don’t hold back, pull out all the stops and see who can come up with the most creative cupcake!!
  11. Go to the park and play. Get on the playground equipment and pretend that you are a kid again! Push each other on the swings, play tag, hang from the monkey bars. Let yourself be free just like when you were young. Before you know it you will be laughing till the tears start rolling!!
  12. Spend a morning at the farmer’s market. Get up early on a Saturday, grab a coffee and spend some time browsing the farmer’s market. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh bread for lunch and some cinnamon buns for breakfast!
  13. Browse your local thrift stores or flea markets and see who can find the most unique/ugly item. Be sure to proudly display this item at home to remember your wonderful day together!
  14. Go skating. Skating, especially at night, on an outdoor rink is very romantic. Hold hands and navigate the rink together.
  15. Play a round of mini golf. Our city has an outdoor and an indoor mini golf course so this can be a year round activity. Mini golf is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t require too much concentration and will certainly provide you with plenty of entertainment and laughter.
  16. Go to a thrift store and put together an outfit for each other. Be creative, don’t go for something “normal”. Be sure to try the outfits on and take a picture to capture the moment. If you are really adventurous, purchase the outfits and wear them out to dinner together!!!
  17. Go sledding in the winter. Grab your sleds or borrow some sleds and hit the most popular hill in your area. Be sure to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate together after you have conquered the hill!
  18. Play video games together. Pick a game that involves some interaction, “Just Dance” or “Mario Kart” are good choices, and prepare for the hilarity to begin!!
  19. Fly a kite. Don’t let a windy day get you down instead grab a couple of kites, head for an open field and prepare for some fantastic fun! Dollar stores usually carry inexpensive kites if you don’t have any of your own.
  20. Go to the museum. Our local museum has everything from live animals to dinosaur bones. Every museum has something interesting to offer so why not explore one together and perhaps learn something new!

Can you think of any other interesting activities to add?

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15 Longest Celebrity Marriages

It seems that every day we are hearing about or reading about another celebrity couple who have decided to divorce. Last week Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert decided to call it quits on their 4 year union. Last month it was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who sadly have 3 children together. We wanted to find some celebrity couples who disprove the old adage that all Hollywood marriages end in divorce. Here is a great article from grandparents.com that highlights 15 of the longest celebrity marriages, some of 50 years or more! If these couples can make it while living in the spotlight of Hollywood it gives hope to all us regular folks!!!

Who says Hollywood can’t do marriage? These famous couples have been happily wed for over 25 years. Keep clicking to see who’s made it to 60 (and counting)!

Source: 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages – Grandparents.com

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Life’s Little Miracles

In this day and age it is hard for us to believe that miracles can happen. We are a scientific society that, for the most part, believe everything that happens in this world can be explained. There was a time when we too thought this was true but then something occurred that would change our minds.

In September of 2006 we moved our family from Airdrie, Alberta, 8 hours west to Prince George, British Columbia. We drove the whole way with two kids, a large dog, a cat and ourselves all piled into one vehicle. In order to keep our sanity, and to allow our passengers some time to stretch their legs, we made many stops along the way. Luckily the route that we took is a very beautiful drive through some of the most majestic mountains in the world, the Rocky Mountains between Lake Louise and Jasper, Alberta. After one of our final rest stops I happened to look down at my left hand and notice that the diamond solitaire from my engagement ring was no longer there; I had lost my diamond somewhere along our journey! Attempting to find the diamond was a futile task, it could have been lost at any one of our many stops, and we had to count it as a loss and continue on our trip. Once we were settled into our new home we discussed the possibility of replacing the diamond but we were financially unable to do so.

Fall, turned into winter and winter turned into spring and in April 2007 Dave had to make another trip back to Airdrie, Alberta to pick up some things we had left in storage. His trip would follow the same route that we had taken the previous September. The morning of Dave’s departure I had one thought continuously running through my head “stop at the service station in Jasper”. Several hours later Dave called me to let me know that he had made it to Jasper and was at the service station where we had stopped back in September. I sheepishly asked him if he could go back to the spot where we had parked and have a look for my diamond. Dave agreed to look despite the fact that he thought it was a hopeless venture. He parked the truck, opened the door, stepped out, walked to the back of the truck, looked down at the pavement and saw something sparkling in the sunshine. There on the pavement, after 7 months of rain, wind, snow and ice, was my diamond completely clean and waiting to be brought home!!!!!!

We have no explanation of how that diamond remained in that parking lot for 7 months. We have no explanation for why someone didn’t pick it up and take it home. What we do have is the knowledge that this was our little miracle and it confirmed to us that despite the occasional rough patches in our relationship, we were meant for each other and we were meant to do life together.

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